We've been thinking about this for a while now...


Our Mission

Like most people these days, we've visited our fair share of breweries.  Some were big and fancy, some were small and just getting started, but our favorites all had similar characteristics.  We love when we can sit on a patio in the sun drinking a few beers with friends and just watch the neighborhood roll in.  Pushing strollers, riding bikes, stopping quickly for a thirst quencher while out for a jog, really using the brewery as a community gathering spot like they were always meant to be.  We're not looking for world domination here we just want to make quality, fresh beer and food for the community that we live in, and then share it with the people who live there.  We want you to come in and hang out with us. 

Staying community based rather than distributing large scale frees us up to constantly play around with different styles and small batch releases, and ensures the beer you're drinking is as fresh as possible. 

We've already had unbelievable support from our families, friends, and our city, and we want to make sure we create something that everyone can be proud of and feel like they had a part in making great.  Good beer, good food, and good camaraderie, with a few shenanigans mixed in as well.

Cheers everyone, we'll see you this summer.