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6.5% ABV


Big, dank, juice bomb. A beer for hop lovers and IPA drinkers. Hops are focused on flavor and aroma first, bitterness is present but restrained to let the dank through. This is what fresh beer tastes like!

Kaw Valley



Our collaboration with Lawrence's new professional soccer team, Kaw Valley FC, this classic kolsch drinks dry and crisp with a soft sweet malt character and light notes of pear, apple, and grapefruit. The perfect match day crusher.

Raspberry Edel

5.0% ABV

Berliner Weisse

A super refreshing, tart wheat beer brewed with raspberries. Low alcohol, subtle sourness, lightly hopped, supremely consumable. It’s a little beer with a big presence. “Big hitter, the lama.”

Two Hands Anyhow

5.75% ABV

English Ale

Silky mouthfeel, balanced crystal malt sweetness. Delicately hopped. A beer inspired by “The Iron Master.”

King Hippo

8.0% ABV


A crunchy hop blend of Azzacca and Idaho 7 lay down aromas of white fresh peach, orange, pineapple, white grape, and grapefruit. Flaked oats boost the mouthfeel and an expressive yeast asseverates hop accentuating stone fruit esters. King Hippo is a sturdy opponent but a pleasure to conquer. Have one or two and Punch Out!!

BIG Peach

8.5% ABV


Higher alcohol content promotes the complexity of the French Saison yeast. The usual saison suspects of black pepper, clove, banana, and fruity esters come through and shine brighter with the thicker backbone an 8.5% abv beer provides. The addition of peaches during fermentation adds an additional layer to the flavor profile. Big is sneaky as it tastes neither boozy, hot, or harsh. Accessible to all drinkers big and small.


6% ABV

Coffee-for-Beer Stout

Brewed with our friends at Repetition Coffee, this stout is all East Side. Big coffee aromas dominate the nose and finish, with hints of molasses and grapefruit. The base beer offers soft roasted notes from chocolate malt and roasted barley, and a creamy mouthfeel from flaked barley and oats. This year’s coffee component features a Peru from the Huadquiña Coop at the foothills of Machu Picchu, and a Kenya from the Yara Estate in Kiambu. It’s Coffee-for-Beer!


5.2% ABV

Pale Ale

Inspired by Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto and his famous 80/20 principle, we teamed up with our friends at Torn Label Brewing Company to create two pale ales. Each brewery used the same malt, yeast, and intruiging grain textures but switched the hop ratio. "Pareto", brewed at Lawrence Beer Company, features 80% Amarillo and 20% Simcoe hops, while Torn Label's version "Vilfredo" features 80% Simcoe and 20% Amarillo hops.


7.2% ABV


While light in color, this helles lager is brewed to bock strength, and at 7.2% it will get you where you want to go. Less malty than its dopplebock cousin, Maibock is traditionally made each year to celebrate spring. Expect a bready and toasty malt presence with a chewy mouthfeel. Noble hops in the boil impart a spicy hop character.


5.6% ABV


Pal, our first lager, is dry, clean, and crisp. 100% pilsner malt provides a bready base, while Cascade and Liberty hops add floral, citrus, and subtle spice character. Pal is designed to be an anytime, anywhere, go-to beer. It’s best enjoyed through multiple pints in the company of friends. Raise a glass to the special people in your life!

Eastern Bloc Party

6.5% ABV

Baltic Porter

Eastern Bloc Party is a robust porter fermented with our lager yeast. The extra tank time required to brew lagers allowed us to turn up the malt, hop, and alcohol dials for this beer. The six-week cold lagering phase let the malt and hop flavors settle and meld, creating a complex and assertive beer. Expect notes of fig, raisin, chocolate, and bread from the malt, and a spicy bitterness from Liberty hops.

Afternoon Delight

4.0% ABV


With a low ABV and 25% grapefruit juice added to our Kolsch, this beer is the perfect companion to all of your summer activities and practically drinks itself. Why wait until the middle of a cold dark night when everything’s a little clearer in the light?

Computer Brain

7.2% ABV

Mandarina hops take center stage lending tangerine, gooseberry, and lemon notes. Citra and Simcoe round out the hop profile to create a layered attack that sits atop a bone dry malt backbone with a final gravity of zero. Originally brewed with our friends at Half Acre Beer Company and named in honor of all the erudite in our lives.

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